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Tree centerpieces?

I know I'm way ahead of myself here. I'm still a year out and I haven't even solidified a venue yet (going to tour places the weekend after Halloween! I'm so excited - thank you all for your wonderful suggestions, I think every single place I'm going to look at is something you recommended). What can I say? I really like planning things.

SO. I'm a nerd. I've been thinking about decorations. You have to understand that I really, really like fairy tales. In one of my favorites, the characters travel through a forest with trees that first have gold leaves, then have silver leaves, and then have crystal leaves. Ever since I was a little girl, I've thought that was just the most beautiful imagery I had read about. Obviously it's still stuck with me after all these years. :) So I thought it might be appropriate to pull inspiration from it!

Apparently wedding centerpiece trees are a thing already! Who knew? I didn't. Although I imagine you all did...

I saw these:

And I thought maybe instead of dangly things, I could somehow affix artificial leaves I've painted, etc., to get the right look.

Can you rent those tree bases or something like it?

Re: Tree centerpieces?

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