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Engagment Pics?!?!

is it to early to get engagement pics done! we are gettin married june 22 2013??
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Re: Engagment Pics?!?!

  • kimbo1781kimbo1781 member
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    Didi you book your photog already?? I think I would wait and do it like 6 months (or less )before the wedding. 
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    I have been shooting a long time and I have seen it all! I shot engagement pics last year for a wedding 2 years away and I have done it as close as a few weeks before the big day. I am a big beleiver in dragging out this amazing occasion as much as possible! I'd say go for it! It is not too soon!! Take care! Cara G.
  • gymbugmj2kgymbugmj2k member
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    depends when you want to use them, and what you want to capture.

    Do them now if:
    1. you want to capture what you and FI were like when he proposed. younger, haircuts, clothes, etc
    2. if you want to use the photos for gifts to parents, etc, or just use them earlier

    Do them later if:
    1. you're only using them for wedding-related things
    2. you have a specific time of year you want to capture (fall pictures, summer pictures, etc)
    3. you want to capture more of the 'wedding' time, not necessairly the 'engagement' time.

    there's no right or wrong way to do it. =)
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    Thank you!
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    Between propsal and wedding, we had/have 1y 6m and we took out engagement photos with 1y and 3 m until our wedding.

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