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Photos before Ceremony???

Has anyone done photos before the ceremony instead of after? Did you regret it? Did it ruin the "reveal" as you come down the aisle?

I'm considering it and wanted some opinions. I am having a January wedding and daylight will be precious and shortlived.

Re: Photos before Ceremony???

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    Here's the pros to seeing each other before...

    Your photographer takes you in and it's just the two of you.  Gets your dressed fixed then has your groom turn around.  You can some great images at that point.  You get to have a moment with each other and talk some before it gets crazy!  You get most of your pictures out of the way, and then get to enjoy more time at your reception.  You typically will get more images too with the two of you.  Your nerves are somewhat gone when you walk down the aisle.  I'm all for it!!
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    This post has quotes from real brides about whether they did the first look shot and how they felt about it. 

    Our wedding was in December and we didn't do it. The first time we saw each other was when I walked down the aisle. If I had it to do over I wouldn't do it any differently. But it's really about personal preference. Also, we had a really small BP (4 total) so the pictures afterwards didn't take very long at all. 
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    Why would you want to ruin the reveal just for some posed pictures? If you get a good photojournalistic photographer he should be able to capture great candids to get the real essence of your day. You can always do a few formals during the cocktail hour- just don't miss the whole thing! It's not worth it. I think too many formals are way cheesy though. A few are nice, but do you really want to ruin your reveal or miss your party for some shots of you and your BP posed as gangsters or propped up against some car that isn't yours and really has nothing to do with your wedding day?
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    I will be doing "first-look" or pictures before our ceremony...I absoultly love the pictures I have seen of the emotion of just the two of you. Yes if you have a photojounalistic photographer you will capture some at the ceremony as well but to me - the first look is just you and him...very raw emotion photography. Plus I like all the cute pics of the covering his eyes, hiding behind doors, of the BP doing silly things, etc
    But like ppl say - there are pros and cons. If you just can't imagine your FI seeing you before you walk then that's totally fine and up to you. I don't feel like his emotion of actually seeing me walk down the aisle to be his wife and say our vows will be in anyway hindered if we do first look pictures - and I feel like I will be more comfortable or less nervous than I otherwise may have been.

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    This may sound old fashion but I love the idea of not seeing each other until I walk down the isle.  What I am doing though is taking pictures of myself and the girls before the ceremony and the other photographer will take pictures of him and the guys before the ceremony so that there will be less pictures to take afterwards. 

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    We didn't do a first look because both DH and I wanted the more traditional set-up, but our photographer (who's one of my best friends) said that every client of hers who has done one has loved it. The pictures show that it's still a really special moment for the couple, and if you're open to it, it would be a really good way to take advantage of the natural light you'll have. It just comes down to personal choice in the end, there's no right or wrong.
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    I think either or sounds great to me!
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    We're doing ours before the ceremony because 1) I'm a very private person and would rather him see me for the first time not in front of 150 other ppl and 2) its an ourdoor wedding in August and I want good pics before everyone gets swaty :)  But like people said, its all about personal preference.  Don't do it just for the pics, because a good photographer can work with any lighting, etc. but do whatever you're comfortable with.
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