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DIY wedding video??

I have been seeing wedding videos online and I really want one for my wedding. Videographers are entirely too expensive for my simple beach wedding. I also ran across these sites that send you cameras and you mail back and they make a video. That got me thinking... Would it be a good idea to buy 2-3 camcorders and create our own video?

How about asking guests/family to film with these cameras?? We are only having 30 people at our wedding but I'm considering adding another couple with the intention of asking them to film and then I will give them one of the cameras we purchase as a thank you.


Re: DIY wedding video??

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    To be honest, I would not ask family or friends to "work" your wedding in any capacity-but especially not as a photographer or videographer.  They would have to spend the whole time working the cameras and wouldn't get to have any fun-which isn't what they would want.  Let them just be guests.
  • I'm personally PRO the DIY videography -- your guests aren't really "working" your wedding if you ask them to take a video.  I honestly think they'd be honored.  Not to mention that half of them would probably have their camera phones out anyway, even if you didn't ask.  There are a couple of DIY companies already out there that I've seen (for both photo & video); so I'd check them out before going out and purchasing cameras of your own.  There is an instagram wedding company, I forgot their name.  Then there is Flip a Hit (www.flipahit.com) which I've had great experience with, and www.wedit.com which I've seen on these boards but have not worked with.
  • I'm also hoping to do a DIY video for the wedding day, keep me posted on what you decide and how it works for you. I asked my brother if any of his friends would be willing to video for me at the ceremony or reception (college kids rarely turn down easy money or free food). I looked into buying a decent camcorder on the internet. I found a brand new Panasonic that would probably have the quality that I want for about $200. If you wanted 2-3 of them, you could always buy and re-sell on ebay or else ask to borrow friends' or family's.  I may also ask my one uncle if he would be willing video. He's fairly shy and most of my family is involved in some other way, so it may be a way to get a "behind the scenes" person more involved. It depends on how comfortable your family is and how much they enjoy helping each other out. My family lives to love and help, so I'm almost overwhelmed with how much they are willing to do for me for my wedding day. 

    If you just want a video of the ceremony, have a tripod set up and use a rehersal for practice with where the camera will sit. At the reception, you can even pass the camera around if you want. Instead of a photobooth, you'll have reality tv with personal messages from your friends and family and shots that you never would have seen otherwise. Those are just ideas that I have been thinking of, nothing that has been put into action. Suggestions and ideas always help, whether they are something you think is cool or that totally would not work :)
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    I agree, I don't think it is a good idea to hire family to work the wedding. I don't think you'd be happy with that product anyway. Wedding videographers are worth the money you pay them just like the rest of your vendors. If you don't think the wedding video is in your budget, it just means it's not that important to you; it's not a priority. Maybe make a list and see if the extra flowers, or steak over chicken, or the photobooth is really more important than the wedding video. There are a lot of good reasons to hire a wedding videographer.
  • ^^ Completely agree.  Video is one of our TOP priorities in planning our wedding, next to Photos.  They are the only two things you have left after your day is over.  Why pay an excessive amount for flowers that will die, cake that will never be remembered, or food that will be eaten in a matter of minutes?  DIY video is no different than not hiring a photographer but letting your guests snap candid photos.  I recommend hiring someone who knows what they are doing to capture all the precious memories of your once in a lifetime day. 
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