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how guests can share pics during and after wedding

Hi Brides n Grooms! :)  We are trying to let our wedding be an opportunity to encourage our friends from all over to get to know each other and share in our love..and wanted to see what website may be a good way for everyone to share candid pics they may take during our wedding weekend...(we have wedding events planned throughout our weekend to help us all bond and spend quality time)  What are ya'll's thoughts?  Is flickr good for photo sharing? what other sites are more user friendly. 
Happy planning and excitement for you all on your journeys too! :)
stef n zach :)

Re: how guests can share pics during and after wedding

  • Facebook is good. I created a flickr account, and got about 165 pictures after the wedding. I didn't realize before hand that their free accounts have an upload limit per month, so people couldn't upload pictures and most likely forgot to go back the next month. 

    I also borrowed the memory card of every person who showed up at our gift opening the next morning, and downloaded all their pictures on to my computer (mom, MIL, cousin, best friend, aunt, etc).

    My uncle created a drop box, and put his 2 brother's photos and his own into the account and sent them to me. 
  • Hello there :)

    I think Tumblr.com can be a good solid option.

    Tumblr is a blog and you can upload pictures from your computer of even from your phone. And you can chose a simple, pretty, wedding-looking background.

    It's free to sign up, and you can just give everybody the username and the password, so they can all use it.

    Here is an example of a Tumblr blog with wedings photos:

    Hope this helps!

  • Oh and I forgot to say: they can all like the picture, comment on it, and tag the photos, so other people can see them!
  • edited December 2012
    We did a Shutterfly share site (it was free) and I made up cards that were placed at each place setting with the information on where to share the pictures.  

    There are apps, but they are expensive and this option only cost me about $9.99 for the cards that I printed at home.  I'm very glad that I did this because only four guests ended up uploading pictures to it out of 130.

    However, I'm grateful for those that did because our photographer failed to get a picture of my mother and I in the official portraits and instead of having a picture of us with my dad "photoshopped" out of it, we had one that my MOH's husband captured at the end of the night.


  • We are going to have people email pics to us. I'm putting the info on the programs and have it posted in the reception.
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