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Best of Times Video, Hudson Valley

I almost feel bad posting this, but I feel couples should be aware. My wife and I used Best of Times Video for our wedding, which was held on 9/10/11, my wife's 25th birthday. When we booked best of times we were told that it would take up to a 6 month maximum to receive our production. Also at the time of booking we had no issues in making contact with any best of times personnel. Now fast forward to our wedding day, our 2 1/2 year old (at the time) niece sung happy birthday to my wife, all by herself, all alone on the dance floor, a precious memory that my wife and I looked forward to remember, cherish, and WATCH. With that in mind I attempted to contact best of times video, numerous times, to make sure that segment made our video. I left numerous messages and did not receive a response until I finally left a post on their Facebook page. Next May 2012 came and still no video. I again began to all the office of best of times. I never once received a phone call back and I believe maybe 2-3 emails. Finally on 6/29/12 almost 10 months after our wedding day our video had finally arrived (still no phone call, even though I specifically asked for a phone call and not an email). Of course my wife and I immediately put the DVD in. Though best of times used a static camera that they stated runs from start to end, there was not 1 second of our niece singing happy birthday to my wife, and I again state I did specifically ask for that. I finish by apologizing, because I honestly do not want to or like saying bad things, but I feel that is a true example of unacceptable customer service and though the memory of the song will always be there, we will never be able to watch it again!
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