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Photography Contract Questions

How are you paying your photographer? Are you paying all up front or waiting to receiving product before making final payment? What is standard? We have found our photographer and are now working out our contract with her. Advice is appreciated. 

Re: Photography Contract Questions

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    I think typically, people pay for their services prior to the services being rendered.  Most photographers probably will be ok with you not paying until close to the ceremony, but i doubt you'll find a ton of people that would risk performing the photography and risk not getting paid.  Make sure that if you are buying the digital rights that is clearly spelled out in the contract.

    Jimmy P.
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    I had to pay for services by the wedding day.  It's pretty standard to pay for everything, not just photos, before the wedding.
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    Most photographers require some deposit up front, ours was 50%.

    After that the payment schedule really varies by photographer. Some photographers we met with required a couple small payments leading up to the wedding. Some required the remainder on or a couple of days before the wedding. Some required the balance due once the albums are received. It really just depends on what you're both comfortable with.

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