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online professional photo book???

Has anyone thought of doing this?  I hear you can save a lot of money on your photo album/photo book by purchasing it online.  At one time I came across a blog and she compared the two.  In the blog she gave the website, now I can't find it :(  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Re: online professional photo book???

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    there's one called picaboo which is supposed to be really good - you basically lay out your own albums using the software downloaded to your computer and then you can choose the kind of album cover and page finishes. 

    i've downloaded the software but have not actually used it yet. also, if you sign up for the mailing list, you get coupons all the time. there's a current one out there for 30% off leather books through the end of this month.

  • fallbride1109fallbride1109 member
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    I did a DIY photo album for my husband's parents and my review is in my married bio.  This was a professional quality album, identical to the one we received from our photographer.

    A photo "book" from Picaboo, Blurb, etc. is OK, but it will not be the same quality you get from a photographer.  I did one for my mom for Mother's Day and she loved it--but again, it doesn't compare to a professional album  That being said, the album was $400 and the book $50--so, like everything else, you get what you pay for.
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    We order ours from our photographer. They have a wide selection of books and material to select from. In addition, quality is always better.
  • hckaczynhckaczyn member
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    This is a great website from a guy who got photo albums made at all the major online album makers:

    He reviews them all and is very thorough - he even has video and pictures of each of the books from each company. He wasn't impressed with Picaboo's quality which surprised me. Once company he liked is called Mpix.com, which my photographer actually recommende to me if we wanted to make our own books. HTH!
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    DIY photobooks are great presents for moms and dads, etc.  I wouldn't suggest having them as your wedding album.  Most are not archival quality.  So as time goes by, the pages will wear, fade, and even rip.  Some of those the bindings aren't that strong, so the pages can come out over time.  

    The top notch quality you probably should look for is this type of album:
    This type of album is the highest quality available, it consists of photographic pages which are permanently mounted to a dense cardstock or plastic, resulting in very thick pages. They are extremely durable and can open and lay flat, allowing for photospreads across both pages. The edges can be gilded with silver or gold. The covers are available in a variety of materials but the are most often seen in leather. The albums are available in both hinged and hingeless styles.   For pictures of the difference between hinged and hingeless you can check out my album page: http://www.fuccisphotos.com/albums.html

    There are also the more traditional mounted matted albums.  You can get this from a photographer usually, but you can also get one with slip in pages.  If you get high quality prints made up, this can be a very good and economical way to go.  
  • Apollo1378Apollo1378 member
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    My mom has a fat wedding album in her living room that's extremely heavy -- instead of an album, I decided to try and use a company to design and print my wedding photos into a hardbound, dust-sleeved book that's printed on thick paper.  The final product came out BEAUTIFULLY.  I cannot recommended more this company and their photobooks!

    One of their website samples is here:  http://photo-ops.com/weddingbook/wedding.html

     E-mail them at [email protected]  They have the sweetest people working there, and I cannot be happier with them!!!!  I ordered more copies for my parents and close friends/family!



  • HaveAGoodDayHaveAGoodDay member
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    If you are wanting a professional to design the album for you in addition to bind it in a high quality album, try www.wedesignalbums.com. They have lots of options and are willing to answer questions for you.

    If you want to design it yourself, MidwestPhotographic.com offers the albums and/or they have a built in design software on their website.  I don't think you have to actually be a photographer to buy from them.
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