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Still waiting for wedding photos ..is this normal??

I got married June 9th ...on Oct 9th it will be 4 months.  I have not seen 1 photo from the wedding day.  I contacted the photograher about 2 months ago who said she was behind and I'd have my photos in 2-3 weeks.  Well it's 8ish weeks later now.  Ive emailed a couple times with no response ..I don't want to be a betch to her but I am starting to get MAD.  Everyone I know who has been married have gotten to see at least a few pictures very quickly after the wedding, sometimes the very next day!  What should I do?

Re: Still waiting for wedding photos ..is this normal??

  • Call her. I thought our wedding photos took a while, but we got to see them about a month ago online (still waiting for the CD... it got lost in the mail). 
  • i have called her several times. 
  • edited September 2012
    Call  and/or email her with a clear message about what you want. There are two ways to go- one, promise that you're not angry, you understand she's busy, but you just want an update to calm your nerves. Or two, tell her you feel like she's leaving you high and dry and you're worried about her never getting the pictures to you. Give her a firm date for her to reply by, or else you will take action (write bad reviews? Go to small claims court? The action is up to you). 

    Edit: Is there somewhere she's active online? Twitter, facebook, a blog? It might be best to contact her there where other people can see what you post.
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