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Photographer seating at wedding

Hi All,
Just wondering - should the photographers have a place card and assigned seat at a table at the reception?  Also, are you supposed to send the photographers an invitation to the wedding?


Re: Photographer seating at wedding

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    It really varies. Sometimes we get a table assigned to us. Sometimes we don't get a table and eat quickly near the bar (sounds worse than it is). There has only been 2 times when we actually were on the seating chart (which was pretty nice). All in all, your photographer will feel grateful for the meal. No matter where they sit, they will be getting up constantly. An invitation is normally not necessary, but you sound like a wonderful and considerate client!
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    There should definitly be a spot for your vendors to sit and eat something (photographer, DJ, etc), but I wouldn't seat them with your guests, unless they're family or friends.  Our venue provided a separate table for them to use whenever and also provided a meal for them.  We didn't send our photographer an invitation...we hired her to do a job, and all the details (date/times, etc) were in the contract.   

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    You don't have to send an invitation but it can be a nice gesture, especially if it allows them to choose their entree.

    As for their seating, the venue will provide them with a place to eat. However, usually it is not with the other guests and my photographer told me that it is best for them to sit with the guests (if possible) so that they can see what is going on and not miss anything. But it's not necessary...
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    as a photographer i can tell you from personal experience, it is much more comforting to work with a couple that invites you to be a part of the festivities rather than just being there to shoot. we are a bit different and develop strong relationships with our couples (notice they are not called clients) long before the wedding. so, we normally get seated with guests, even while other vendors are put elsewhere. most of the couples we work with are actually coming to my wedding in October. i am certainly not going to sit them with the outsiders.
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    From a wedding photogs perspective: I would prefer not to sit at a table with the guests, it can be a bit awkward. However being provided a place to sit and eat is a definite plus. Preferably within sight of the couple so that I dont miss anything (i wont hesitate to stop mid bite to jump up and snap a picture if something great happens). 

    Send the photographer an invitation is not necessary, unless you would like it included in your album or photographed for your memories. 

    But these are just my preferences. You should definitely inquire to your photographer if the have a preference. Trust me, they will appreciate that you care enough to consider them and are wanting to work with them to create an ideal situation for you both.
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    Thanks for everyone's input!
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    No need to send an invite. I wouldn't put them at your guest tables. I would get a little table and just put them there, also no need for a centerpiece on that table. HTH!
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    THe invitation is not necessary but brides would seat me in an area near guests so I have faster access to the bride/groom and any pending shots I need to take. I once attended an event where the vendors were in another room, and someone was looking for the photographers. There may be things they'll miss if they're not seated close to the guests.
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    To piggy-back off of this thread (I don't mean to hijack, just didn't know if this question required its own thread), I'm having a DW with about 10 guests attending.  We are having our reception at a restaurant.  In this kind of situation, where would it be most appropriate to seat our photographer?  I don't know much about the interior set-up, just that there are several large dining rooms and two bars, one on the upper level and one on the lower level.  I definitely want to make sure my photographer is comfortable while she's there.  Thanks for your help!
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    It depends on your relationship with the photographer. I'm a wedding photographer, and I've had several couples send me invites, and while it's not required by any stretch, it's a really nice touch and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Some weddings I am seated at a vendor table, others I am seated with the guests. I like being seated with the guests, but again, not necessary. I do recommend putting your photographer somewhere they can see what's happening-I always keep a camera handy so if I see an interesting shot, I can grab it.
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