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Is anyone getting a photo booth or been to a wedding with a photo booth?  I think this would be a fun idea and I wanted to see what everyone else thinks.  Thanks!
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  • cutie02girlcutie02girl member
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    Yep we are!! We're getting married New Years Eve and when my mom found out our photographer offered the photobooth she thought it was a 'must have' so she offered to pay for that Laughing I'm super excited, I'm sure they're a ton of fun and will be different for most people because I haven't ever been to a wedding with a photobooth!!
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  • jagore08jagore08 member
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    If I had a bit more money I would have gotten a photo booth.  They look like they're so much fun and I think it would be great for the guests to be able to take home some pictures too.
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  • rachaelb16rachaelb16 member
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    I went to a wedding with a photo booth and it was awesome!!!  This was 3 years ago and not only do we still talk about it, but we also still have the pics hanging up.  If I can come up with the money I will def get one.
  • Beachy730Beachy730 member
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    We have one for our wedding.  We were torn because we hear that they are a great time, but most places were charging over $1000 for them.  We finally found one that is about $700 after tax for 4 hours, and that was also including some props like boas, sunglasses, etc. for people to use if they want.  I love the idea of having the booth and give guests who don't necessarily want to dance something else to do. 

    There are also options of what you can do with them.  We get one strip and the other goes to the people in the booth.  Some people (and some places provide the stuff) do a scrapbook table next to the booth where they put your strip in the book and write a message.  We are opting to have the strips but in a box for us to do what we want with them.  I saw a really cute idea of putting them in a long frame for your wall, and plus I think it would create a backup doing the scrapbook.  There will already be a line for the photobooth. 

    We are using the strips as our favors though as well.  I ordered photo strip frames, and we are going to print something out saying thanks for coming and enjoy the photobooth and stick it inside of the frame and put that at every place setting. 

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    I went to a wedding with a photobooth and I had an amazing time.  It really loosed up a lot of guests and everyone had a blast.  Most fun wedding I have ever been to.  I bet the bride & groom had a blast looking at those pictures after the wedding (there were copies online + the guest book).

    We are doing it for our wedding and our DJ gave us a deal on the photo booth.. so we saved a ton of $.  My parents thought we were wasting our $ until they went to a charity event with a photobooth.

    My parents had a blast and called me the very next day to make sure we were still having one!  They can't wait!
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    We are doing a photobooth, and everyone I have mentioned it to is super excited. Everyone loves pictures of themselves, and we are also using them as part of the favors as well. Make sure who ever you hire gives you a copy of all of the pictures!
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    I had a photographer-run photo booth at my wedding and it was a big hit!  I liked it so much I have started my own!  I have professional studio lighting, a backdrop holder, and tons of props.  After the wedding a disc of all of your high-res images arrives by mail.  For my wedding I printed out all the pics a guest was in and included it in their thank you note.  Easy and affordable!  If they wanted additional copies I could e-mail them or burn a disc.  I am offering an introductory rate of $400 for the length of your reception.  E-mail me for more info - [email protected]
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    Whoops!  I forgot to mention I am located in Houston, Texas.
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