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Help with hiring a good photographer!

I'm about to sign a contract with a local photographer, but I wanted to know what are the typical terms for a photography contract?  Thanks!

Re: Help with hiring a good photographer!

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    questions to consider - 
    are engagement photos included and at what price?
    how many photographers the day of?
    when do they arrive? do they catch the getting ready photos?
    do they stay throughout the reception or leave early?
    do they do a mix of photo journalism and portraits?
    how many photos do you typically get?
    are they available online?
    do you get a cd of the photos? how long after the wedding? at what price?
    what albums are included in the price?
    how many photos in your album vs. parents albums?
    after you pick your photos, do you get to see a mock-up of the album and have a chance to edit? 
    can i see examples? what does the cover and pages and layout look like?
    when do i pay and how?
    are there any reasons why i'd be asked to pay an additional fee?
    and don't forget... READ THE CONTRACT!

    good luck!
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    Hello I am a wedding photographer and my contract covers the following big items What is in your package What should happen in the event I am I'll What would happen should an equipment or memory card failure show damage any of your photos Payment schedule Unacceptable/ dangerous guest behavior Copyright/ reproduction rights My duty to store your images Turnaround dates Feeding me Model release Liability limitations Esp in Case of guest interference There is more but those are the biggies! Hope this helps
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    A contract should state exactly what you are getting and what it should cost, i.e. what "package" you went with and what it includes, who your photographer will be, when payments are due, any fine print (does he require a meal, any penalties for taking longer than "x" amount of time to choose photos for your album, etc, model release for using photos).  By signing it you are agreeing to the terms laid out and affirming that the information regarding what you are paying for is correct. 

    Good luck!
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    Also, make sure they have a backup plan. What happens if they are sick/injured on your wedding day?
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