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Dilemma: bride & groom want different photographers

I have a planning problem. My fiance & I are having a destination wedding in N.C., so I've been researching local vendors in the area we're getting married, and have found a fabulous photographer for a very reasonable price. Before we even started planning, he brought up that he has an old college friend that is an excellent photographer in Missouri. I told him to get quotes from her & we would compare with the other top local vendors. She is very reasonable, but we're going to have to tack on about $500 for her expenses. With this extra $500, she's just a little over the photographer I like in N.C. The big difference: I like the style of the photographer I found better than his friend's.

We're kind of at a stalemate now because he's somewhat biased because it's his buddy, and it's obvious I'm pulling for N.C. I don't want to be one of those "my way or the highway" brides because I'm really happy he's taken an interest in the wedding planning. Any suggestions on how to resolve without stepping on his toes? 


Re: Dilemma: bride & groom want different photographers

  • Use the buddy for engagement photos and use the professional for the wedding :)
  • Well, you'll have to negotiate between the two of you. You could ask him if he'd hire her if she wasn't his friend in the first place. You could put together a collection of your choice's pictures and his choice's pictures, and then vote on them to see which style you actually like best. 

    Part of getting married is being able to compromise and work together. If the two photographers aren't that much different in style and price, it might be best for you to just hire his friend. As the saying goes, it doesn't sound like this is a hill you want to die on. 
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