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Bachelor watchers

OK Wendi- this show is crazy! I haven't watched since like season 2, but I'm currently catching up on this season via OnDemand. Crying bathroom girl is nuts. And wtf is up with this girl who is here to pick up other girls??? I don't think horse girl should have gotten the 1st impression rose, I think the girl from Hurst seems sweet. All that being said, I'm only one episode in. How do you watch this every week?? Lol.
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Re: Bachelor watchers

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    edited January 2012
    I like the girl he went on the first date with. The baton twirler.. I cannot remember her name though!!!

    I'm really really looking forward to the next Bachelorette season though with Emily. I wonder if they'll bring back that creeper guy Bentley that was so obsessed with her.

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