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The wedding photographer that you should NOT hire

A wedding is such a happy time in peoples lives and there are three things that the bride and groom look forward to after the wedding The honeymoon, wedding video and of course getting their wedding pictures back. I have been married for almost a year in July and I still have NOT gotten my wedding pictures back. My photogrpher was Cj Photography out of Cincinatti/ Dayton Ohio.
 I chose her because I liked her new style on things, but when it comes to getting your pictures back in an appropriate timeline, DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH! It took SO many e-mails for her to respond back to me, and when she does respond they are short and she makes you feel like you are bothering her. It was about 5 months after my wedding when I finally got my disk with my pictures on it, then it took about another 4 months to get a response on what I was suppost to do next, and FINALLY I ordered my pictures. 2 months ago I was sent the proofs I wanted just one change done, and I did not hear back from her until yesterday.
At this point I am so mad and angery because people keep asking to see my wedding pictures and I have nothing to show anyone. In the e-mail I got it said that she tried to e-mail me and my husband, and she also tried calling, which is not true. I have no messages in our inboxes and nothing in our voicemails. She also called me rude because I told her I was tired of waiting and I just wanted her to print the books up and send them.
Honestly, what kind of customer service is this??? I am heart broken because I have nothing to remind me of such a special day in my life, who knows when or if I will ever get my wedding pictures. If Cj photography does not finish my job that I paid in full for I will be forced to contact the better business bureau to inform them of my interactions, Just because they have fresh ideas, I would avoid this photographer because it is NOT worth the headach or the heartbreak.

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    I'm sorry that you've had that experience. I really hope you receive them soon and that they are perfect!
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    I am sorry that you had to go through that experience.  That sucks!  :(  I really do hope that you get your pictures and they are perfect! - Destination wedding photographer in Hawaii
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    i'm surprised you waited this long... if they told me my albums would be ready in two months and then gave me the run around...after paying them in full and not being respectful...ugh i would've reported them
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    WOW I would report that B anyway!! I would seriously ruin someone if they did that to me... My sister waited two weeks and was still ancy, who wants to wait to see the memories from the best day of their lives? Call anyway, that is ridicualous and VERY unprofessional!! She should be trying to make you feel better in every way possible, not calling you rude... wow this makes me want to call her myself! Good luck and im sure you could get all of that stuff for free for what she has done...
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