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Has anyone tried WedFlik? Videographer Alternative

I came across an e-mail from The Knot (I believe) today and it was a sponsored link to a site called WedFlik. Since I'm experiencing the "should I have a videographer on my budget" battle, I thought maybe this would be a neat idea.

They send you 5 Flip video cameras and you have your guests pass around the cameras during the rehearsal dinner, getting ready, ceremony and reception to get many points of view. I thought this would be a great inexpensive alternative, because the company will edit the footage and make into a more professional-like wedding video. Since I am more of a "photography" person, I do not mind that it will not be filmed with fancy professional camera, but at least their will be video footage of the wedding that I as a bride might miss.

Has anyone tried this?! The FAQs answers a few questions I had:

Re: Has anyone tried WedFlik? Videographer Alternative

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    I've never tried WedFlik, but 5 cameras seems like a lot, and their prices are rather high. Are you sure you need 5 Flip cameras? I tried watching their sample videos but they took FOREVER to load and they weren't even of whole weddings, just mashups. And TBH, they were kinda boring. I'd like to see what they do with a real wedding. From my research (we're looking into this option too..) another and IMHO better option is a company called Storymix Media (blog: site for ordering stuff: They are definitely cheaper too if budget is on your mind. Just another thought!
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    Yes my friend had tried Wedflik and loved using this service!  We are definetly going with them for our wedding too!  The 5 cameras seemed like a lot at first but so many guests at the wedding wanted to use them.  My friends and I had a blast taking videos of the wedding and reception (we had some really funny moments at the reception!).  My friend had a videographer too (something we cannot afford unfortunately), and the Wedflick video had so many parts that were not in the videographers wedding video that it made it worthwhile.  As for cost, I think they are reasonable for what you get. I hope this helps. Happy Wedding!
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    It depends what you want.  It's a great way to catch the more personal moments that your guests may have that a hired videographer may not catuch. BUT it's also a surefire way to have lots of "crappy" footage where the camera is shaking, lots of background noise, etc.  There's also no guarantee that any of the 5 cameras fully captures the key elements (unless you specifically designate one or two people to film the entire ceremony, or your dad's speech, etc).

    I also know from personal experience that editing footage you didn't shoot yourself is's so hard to know what moments are captured and how you stitch them together to tell a story, versus just a montage of moments.  Not to say you can't get a very cool alternative point of view.  I just would not be OK relying on this as my only video source.
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    Frankily, for 500 dollars you could probably buy the 5 cameras yourself. Then sell them afterwards.

    We talked about doing this very idea with a couple of friends who are getting married this year as well. We thought if we all pitched in on the intial camera cost, and took turns being in charge of shooting at each other's weddings, it'd be a cool cooperative project. Time has just kind of gotten away from us, so I doubt we'll do it know.. but its an interesting idea regardless.
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    I used Wed Flik for my wedding and would highly encourage you NOT to use them!  Our wedding was 8.13 and we are still waiting on the videos.  I've called about 5 times to check on them and everytime they said "We'll have someone call you right back with the expected arrival."  Not once did I get a call back.  Today (over a month later) after they were absolutely promised to me 4 days ago, I called and heard the videos had been uploaded.  Logged into my account only to find ANOTHER wedding that had been uploaded.  The company is EXTREMELY unprofessional and unorganized and I would highly discourage anyone from using them.

    The idea is a great one but unfortunately they are not reliable!
  • My sister used them last year at her wedding and the video is just awesome.  We will be using them for our wedding for sure.  Not sure why others had issues with communicating wth them because since we signed up with them they have sent us a few emails and whenever I've called them I have talked to them immediately.  My sister got her video within a few weeks.  I even got to help her pick the scenes (that was fun watching all the video)!  Good luck with your wedding planning!Smile
  • I just rec'd a call for a discount from WedFlik - For those that have used it, I'm wondering... do they disable the option for you to download the video that is recorded? or can you load it onto a computer to work on yourself too?

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