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Disposable cameras: Worth it or not?

This has probably been covered a zillion times, but I will ask anyway. 

DD wants to do the disposable cameras. I don't have a problem with them, but just wonder if they are worth it. Each camera is about $3 and then would need to be developed. I haven't had a roll of film developed in so long, I don't even know what that costs anymore!


(FYI, I already suggested those photo sharing sites and she doesn't want to do that)

Re: Disposable cameras: Worth it or not?

  • I don't think it's worth it. No one really uses disposable cameras anymore and most guests will either have cell phone cameras or digital ones. If she wanted to get their pictures without a photo share site (any reason why she's against them?) a lot of people will upload the pics they take to Facebook and she could get them that way.

    Honestly, I think if you put out disposable cameras, most guests will forget/not want to use them so you probably won't get a lot of pics with them.

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  • willywally5willywally5
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    I worry they won't get used, as well. It's not like it's a huge expense, but I dunno. I hate to rain on her parade but maybe this is one thing that should be revisited. All her friends are on FB pretty much, so that would work. She worried people's phones wouldn't be compatible with the site but maybe we just need to research diff sites.
  • Hi,

    Hope you dont mind that i add to this thread. Even if they get used, do you expect to get quality images? You will develop the film which my lab charges about $6 to $8 a roll, you will end up with underexposed and totally useless images. The reason I say useless is because most disposable cameras have 200 or 400 speed film and if the venue is a low light environment 400 speed film will not cut it. I usually use 1000  to 2000 ISO with my digital pro DSLR when shooting weddings. So, i honestly and strongly believe its a waste of money. She should save that money, add a bit more to it and hire a photojournalist. That is a better option.

    Check out my site www.infocus.pro

    Thank you,
  • Many of my friends uploaded their pictures from their personal cameras and phones to facebook. We also got business cards from Vistaprint with information how to upload to a flickr account I had created (I got about 100 pictures that way). I think disposible cameras are a waste of money.
  • Yes, I also worry the photos are not going to be that great. I really like the idea of a Flickr account and the cards. I will suggest it to DD. Choice is hers, though. I just right the checks! LOL 

    (FTR, she has been VERY appreciative and wonderful about including us and asking our opinions!!)
  • Check out the polaroid Pogo Camera, you can keep the pics on a SD card AND you can give away the prints
  • I'd skip the disposables - I've had them at other parties (Sweet 16, graduation parties, etc.) and I don't think I've EVER gotten a good pic off of a disposable.  I HAVE gotten lots of inappropriate-for-public-display pics from kids and jerks though.
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  • Disposable cameras are definitely outdated a bit, shes probably not keen on the photo sharing websites because its public with all guests. Theres an app out www.snappyeverafter.com that allows guests to take photos using their cell phones and every picture is automatically uploaded to the couples private account, the couple can then decide which photos to share with guests, if they share any at all! Same level of privacy as disposable cameras just a bit more conveient! :-) Hope I helped
  • OHHHHH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad I did the disposable cameras! I got snap shot photos from a different point of view. I didn't buy the decorated disposable cameras though. I bought regular Fuji brand with the green label. I had a destination wedding so I printed my own note and attached it to the cameras and put them in everyones welcome bags. The note explained what to do with the camera and to put them in a basket at the reception. Once the cameras were collected I dropped them off at Walmarts photo lab and had them all developed to a CD. No prints because I didn't want to pay for the photos that didn't come out well.
  • I thought about doing disposables, but then decided to go with a photo booth instead.  You still get a bunch of cute, fun shots of everyone, but are less likely to end up with weird close ups.  Each guest gets a copy of the strip, while the other is pasted into a scrapbook, which we're using as a guestbook.  This isn't really experience since I haven't had my wedding yet, but since I had a similar train of thought, I figured I'd throw it out as a suggestion you could give her if you really don't want to go with disposables!
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  • feltpadfeltpad
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    In Response to Disposable cameras: Worth it or not?:

    An option is to try the digitial version of the disposable camera - The Mosaic Photo System is a real-time photo slideshow that lets party guests use their phones to stream photos as the event is happening - then at the end of the night, YOU have everyone's photos in one place.

    You can watch a 1 minute video at www.MosaicPhotoSystem.com

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