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We are going to have our e-pics 4/8 and I'm having a hard time thinking of where to have them taken.  We got engaged at the Gaylord, so I thought that might be nice, but I've also heard that they charge if you have your photos done there.  Also, we are crazy dog people, and definitely want at least a few photos with our puppy in them.  We live in NRH and would like to stay on this side of the metroplex.  What places do yall recommend?
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    My understanding is that Gaylord does charge. We live in Grapevine and had ours done at Delaney Vineyards and we picked a spot at Grapevine Lake in the woods. That would be a great place with the dog, and also, you could get some shots with at least the Glass Cactus in the background to have that Gaylord feel.
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    I didn't even think of Delaney! I had actually looked at them for our venue before we chose the Piazza. Did you have to call ahead and let them know you were doing your e-pics?
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    Our photographer didn't, and we "got in trouble", and you are supposed to pay there as well. Not sure what the price is. They did let us finish though... Also, downtowncMain Street Grapevine, has awesome trains o. The west side of the street, and lovely tin buildings on the east side that we used for our pictures right Before our wedding.
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    I love downtown grapevine- one of my favorite places to shoot. Make sure there is not an event going on. I drove all the way from Denton to take my kid's christmas photos at the train station and totally forgot about the polar express. Lake Grapevine has a mean old man that patrols the beaches every 5 minutes yelling through his bullhorn that you have to have a permit to shoot there. The stockyards (if you are into that) is a great place. Sundance Square is awesome. Little old towns (like Roanoke) have awesome downtown areas. Grapevine botanical gardens and Ft. Worth botanical gardens charge a fee but I have done sessions at both places and haven't gotten caught.
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