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First Look At Aisle-Skip?

We are wanting to do family photos before the ceremony to save on time so we're not rushed after.  I have some family members saying don't do it; the first time he sees you should be when you come down the aisl; if you do you'll regret it.  Does anyone have any thoughts? Did you do pictures before the ceremony? Do you regret it? We're still going to have that "first look" just not with everyone and not coming down the aisle?

Re: First Look At Aisle-Skip?

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    We had out first look and the majority of photos before the ceremony... and I have NO regrets at all.   That time together was such an emotional, magical time for us... we had 2 1/2 hours where we just hugged, and laughed, and kissed and were able to express our love and emotions together before we faced our family and friends.   What amazed me is that even though we had spent so much time together pre-ceremony, it didn't take away from 'the moment' when we saw each other at opposite ends of the aisle.  My heart still raced, my eyes filled with tears and we couldn't unlock our eyes from each other... the only thing missing was the nerves :)

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    Thanks Vexie!  That really helped. I feel a lot better about it now.
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    I do not regret ours one bit.  It was important to me to see my husband's reaction captured and I wasn't sure he would feel comfortable in front of 100 people.  Plus all the stress just melts away when you see each other.  We loved it.

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