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45 minutes of photos for bride and groom alone?!

Photographer wants 45 mins to shoot just the bride and groom, and that's in addition to wedding party, unfortunately ceremony is at 4:30, reception apps served at 5:30, dinner at 6:30.

We've allowed 5:15-6:15 for photos, and we have to be out of the reception hall by 10PM absolute, so there isn't alot of spare time to alot to photos...what to do???
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Re: 45 minutes of photos for bride and groom alone?!

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    Are you against doing a first look? Taking those 45 minutes of pictures before the ceremony would certainly help. You could also do bridal party pictures before and save just the family pictures for after the ceremony. That way you will get to attend at least part of your apps time.
    If you don't want to do a first look, you could do as many pictures before without seeing each other. Bride and bridesmaids/groom and groomsmen. Even bride and family/groom and family. It wouldn't save you a ton of time, but it would certainly help.
    Talk to your photographer and see if that time can be cut down. See if they can show you an example of a wedding where they took 45 minutes of pictures and see how many different shots they took. If you don't want or need that many pictures after seeing what they can do in that time, your photographer should be willing to cut that time down.
    Sorry if this sounds rambly. Hopefully some of it was helpful!

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    I'm not sure why the photographer would need 45 minutes unless that includes drive times to a special location... my formal portraits at most take 30mins and thats with 15 person bridal parties, newlywed shots, and family portraits.  Bottom line it's your day, if you dont want to waste 90 mins on photos dont, or take them in 10 minute spurts throughout the evening.  Most of my clients by the photojournalism and not the portraits anyway.  What your photographer wants is completely irrelevant, it's your day girl!
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