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Which would you choose

Photographer A: $3000.00 for2 photographers. Disc containing all photos taken, Engagement shoot & photobooth.

Photographer B: $1100 for 1 photographer. Disc containing all photos taken.

Both have great work. I am stuck.

Re: Which would you choose

  • How many guests are you having?  If it's under 200, you really, really don't need two photographers.  Also, how attached are you to the idea of e-photos and a photo booth?  Frankly, A doesn't sound like a bad choice if you really want those extras (although you most likely don't need the 2nd photog at all), but if you don't want the extras, B is the obvious choice.
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  • Its impossible to say without seeing their work. Price alone is a horrible way to choose a photographer. If you don't want to post their links, feel free to PM me the links and Ill give you an opinion then :)
  • I agree with PP that the photobooth is the deciding factor for me.  I really wanted a second photographer, but it isn't necessary.  I think A is a good price for all of that, but if you don't want the booth, then go with B.  If you really want an engagement session, wedding emails have had a lot of deals like that recently, so you could maybe pick that up for cheap on top.

  • I do want a photobooth but I think I can find one for less than $1400.00

    Thanks ladies.

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    I think engagement shoots are really important, because you and your photog can get to know each other and determine how to mix your styles. So for that alone I'd go with A. But if you can get B with an added engagement shoot for a small amount extra, I'd take that since you don't need a photobooth + 2nd shooter.
  • I think 2 shooters are absolutely necessary so I would pick A.
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    I'm a massive photography fan, do for me, the photos are pretty much top of the list. For this reason, I would go with A. The second photographer is important to me, so I can have one with me whilst I'm gettin ready, one with him. One at the top of the aisle as I walk down, one behind to capture backshots, his reaction, etc. One to flit around the cocktail hour taking candid shots of anything and everything, and one to spend ages setting up for things like overhead shots and so on. Personal preference, though.
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    100% option A - having two photographers helps immensely because one can get close up reactions during the ceremony and one can get the distance shots that tell the story.  Things get missed sometimes when there is only one photographer.  Engagement shots are a good trial run of how you and your photographer work together too.  
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    In my opinion a second photographer is crucial if you want to capture as much possible on your wedding day.  The main photographer can put all of his/her attention on the Bride & Groom while the second photographer is able to concentrate on the guests and get different angels of your most important moments.
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    Photobooths are cool, but they don't capture the candid, unexpected moments of the event. Try using the Capsule app. It kind of makes everyone a photographer and all the guest photos stream to one central album. My fiance told me about it and apparently it's free. Don't pay for a photobooth if you decide to use this. I'm giving it a try in October! Here's the link: 
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