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who should come to park to take photos?

I was thinking about going to a nearby park to take photos before the ceremony. Ceremony and reception will be at the same venue. I need transportation from the hotel to the park.. and that depends on how many people will be there? 

Our bridal party is 5 and 5. so with us thats 12 people. We might have a ring bearer and two juniors bridesmaids.. but not 100% sure yet. If we do, should they come or no because they are younger ( and wilder lol)

Do our parents come also? 

I have to assume photographer and video will drive themselves right?

Re: who should come to park to take photos?

  • photographer and videographer should always get themselves around and they should know that. If they do not, make sure you hire people who know it is their responsibility to get themselves around and have reliable transportation. 

    When going to the park it is your choice. Couples often request for not only parents but other immediate family members and bridal party to come along. It is always welcomed. It is your day, so you can initially do with it as you please. Just remember not to let the time get away from you. You only have a few moments in the day to get and cherish those memories for yourself. If your time is managed properly, you should be able to get family photos with the (wilder) children when you get back to the venue.
  • Are you doing a first look? We did a first look at a park before our ceremony too. We bought me and DH, our parents, our siblings and our bridal party (2 on each side). Our party was much smaller than yours, so it was easier to get everyone organized. But it was great to have all those pictures done so we didn't have to do them after the ceremony. 
  • I am in the same situation, we are trying to take pictures at a park before the reception. We haven't figured out how to do it yet because the park is 25 minutes from the reception place. I think we will just have the WP there with us and take parent pics before the ceremony at the reception location. If we take pics at the park the WP will meet at the hotel and we will all go in a limo to the park.

    I am having my niece as the FG, she will be 4. I'm assuming she can't come because there is no car seat in the limo (and I don't know if she can sit still for so long). My FSIL will be 11 years old and is in the WP. She would be coming to the park

    I hadn't thought about the photographer but I would think he would drive himself there.
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