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Go with Dream Expensive Photographer?

so i have a small dilemma. we fell in love with this photographer from day 1. i stalked his blog and website, and we met with him. we clicked right away and i think we will be fabulous for our wedding day. his style is very unique and i am so drawn to it. his photos are the only ones that have made me cry so far. i've looked at countless other photographers in our area, even some who do similar styles to him. but i keep coming back to this guy. no one else seems to be as good as he is and can capture the mood/feeling we want.

and the problem... that "special feeling" comes with a hefty price tag. he is nearly double what other photographers are quoting me. we are at the point where i need to decide within a week or two to go with him or just part ways. i could always get his very base package, which does not include much. the same price for his base package is what other photogs would charge us for the ENTIRE package/day with everything included.

do i suck it up and just pay the money and trim from other parts of our budget? i am so torn and keep going back and forth. i know he is worth the money, but don't know if i can really afford him. but then i feel like i'll regret not booking him and be disappointed with my pictures.

Re: Go with Dream Expensive Photographer?

  • Personally i would trim if you can and go with the photographer you really want :) Your wedding day only happens once and if he has the style that will convey what you want I say go for it!! 
  • We felt so strongly about certain aspects of our wedding that added a lot of cost, to forgo other things we really would have loved to have had but would then not have the budget for. For example we cut honeymoon and videographer to accomodate the food, beverage and venue we wanted for our guests. I think you need to see if you can actually afford it. If there are cuts you are willing to make that will make up for it. And obviously to make sure that your FI is on board with the plan.

    I would personally book a great photographer for fewer hours and fewer things in the package knowing I would love the work than have more time and product with a photographer I didn't like as much.
  • Have you negotiated with your dream photographer? Asked them what they could do to lower the price? 

    I had a dream photographer too. We negotiated on price and reached a point I could afford, even if it was still more than I wanted to pay, and less than I wanted to get. When we got closer to the wedding and I realized I could afford more, I asked for some more services and paid more for them. 

    It was absolutely worth it for me to get the dream photographer, but it might not be for you. 
  • Definitely go for it.  All of the extras will be forgotten before long, but the photos will last a lifetime!
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    Figure out if there are other areas where you can cut back to make up the difference, otherwise just say no. No part of your wedding is worth going over budget and starting your life as a married couple in debt.
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  • Go for it! There are tons of other opportunities outside of photography to save money on. Pictures will be one of the only things you have left after you big day!!!
  • Thanks everyone! We sent in the deposit this week and booked him! i just went with a lower package that was closer to our price range, and will add on later if we can.
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