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Engagement pictures - only received 22 pictures

Hi everyone, I had a quick questions about our engagement pictures. We had our pictures taken and after two months and a few emails, we have recieved 22 hi resolution copies on a CD. Looking at the image numbers, it looks like our photographer took about 300 pictures. Is it normal to only get a handful back? I was really wanting to see all of our pictures, good or bad. What has been your experience? Should I contact our photographer? Thank you for your advice in advance!

Re: Engagement pictures - only received 22 pictures

  • This is usually based upon what your contract says. Your contract should tell you if you were supposed to get all your images back or just the edited ones. If it doesn't say, please get in contact with your photographer and get an official number of how many pictures you'll get after the wedding!
  • I would ask! That seems awfully low!!!! 22 images??? That's nuts!
  • I would ask! That seems awfully low!!!! 22 images??? That's nuts!
  • i agree. check your contract.  in ours, the photographer wrote in that we get EVERY SINGLE image (even the 'whoops, photo of the floor' shots).  we can then pick our top X number of shots for him to edit and return to us (i think it was 15 for the engagement shoot, 75 for the wedding?? something like that).  we also have digital rights to ALL the images -- meaning we can create whatever we want with them from whatever printer we want.....so we can do large canvas prints, photobooks, thankyou cards, christmas cards, mugs, mousepads....whatever!

    this is why it's important to read the contracts =)
  • Thanks guys. I have read through the contract and it states that the photographer has final say. I guess I was just confused because we also purchased the hi-res cd and digital negatives and I thought ALL photos would be on it. When she originally sent the 22 pictures, she also added a note that stated "Here is gang of photos. I'll get the rest to you ASAP. " I took that as we were getting more pictures. 
    Just a bit of a let down since out of the 22 pictures she sent, I only like about 7-8 of them. Her work is great but, I don't feel that I look good in them. Embarassed  
  • If she said in the email "Ill get the rest of them to you ASAP" I would ask her where the rest of them are. 

    "Hi!  I just wanted to following up and see the status of sending us the rest of our photos".  22 photos does seem a little on the low end for an engement session- I would expect at least 50 but prob more around 75-100. 

    My engagement session preview had @ 20 images and the final had over 100.
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    Engagement sessions should produce between 75-100 usable photos. 

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    The photographer I use never gives images if the eyes are closed and she doesnt feel they truly represent you. She would rather reshoot then give you sub par images. Also, don't go by the number of the file. That is not always an indicator of how many she took of just you. I have known some photographers to give less than 20. but most won't give unedited images. It is a diservice to you and to them. 
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