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Engagement Photos?

Hi! I am a bride-to-be as of 06/13/11 :) My fiance and I have been telling as many people as we can about our engagement. Between the two of us I think we have told just about all of our friends and family and possibly even a few random strangers! That being said, are engagement photo's/announcements necessary? I am new to the wedding scene and I am not sure if I still need to get these done? Help! Please and thank you!!

Re: Engagement Photos?

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    Congratulations!  What an exciting time.  Neither are necessary.  It depends on your objectives.  We didn't do announcements nor engagement photos and we have no regrets.

    I would encourage caution if you want to do engagement announcements.  You should only send them to people you would want to invite to your wedding.  However, it sounds like everyone already knows so there's no need for this.

    As for engagement photos, some people like to do them.  It gives you photos to use in Save The Dates, your website, other wedding-related decorations, etc.  Some people also highly recommend to do them with the photographers that are shooting your wedding so you can get to know them, get comfortable in front of the camera, and look at the style of photos they deliver before the actual day.  Again, they're not necessary but sometimes a nice luxury.
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    Hi there! This is what I tell my clients...I feel like there are many posiives to doing an engagemnet shoot. The biggest one in my book is the opportunity to create a stronger rapport and bond with my clients in an easy going setting of a shoot. There is no stress no time limits, just us having fun and getting to know eachother. The other great thing about an e-session is the fact that most of us are not super comfortable in front of a camera, hence why I am behind one all of the time! So getting to know how your photographer prompts and works with you guys will really help you on your big day. Another important plus is that it is a good trial run to see if you actually like your photogs work. There are no redos on wedding day pics and wedding are THE hardest thing that we shoot and we shoot A LOT! If they can't get your e-session down then how will they possibly be able to nail your wedding.

    Good Luck!!
    Cara Galati
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    we arent doing announcements but we did do the e-photos. like pp said we used the photographer we are using for the wedding, its a good way to get to know them and make sure you like the way the shoot and direct you when taking pics. we mostly did them because i wanted the pictures to use as presents for our family members and i wanted them for us also.

    t i think today its totally up to you.  you could use a pic of the two of you that you already have and like if you wanted to do announcements.
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    Question: is it rude to have two separate photographers, one for engagement and one for wedding photos?
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