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How many photographers did you meet with?

We have it narrowed down to about three or four in our area.  I've emailed all of them, they have our date available.  I feel like I want to sit down and meet with all of them just to see if we vibe, but I feel bad wasting their time since we'd be meeting so many.  How many did you sit down with before you made your selection?

Re: How many photographers did you meet with?

  • I met with (informally) a couple  at the Bridal expo. I called only a few because I didn't think I could afford the prices some of them had. I finally found a photographer and signed a contract (informal) today. He has our date and once I pay the deposit, we'll iron out the details. I actually didnt meet the photographer, I met with his daughter but spoke to him on the phone.

    Honestly, I am not looking for perfection but I went with him because of his price and what he offers. I think I got lucky and he seems to take decent pics. 
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    I did a lot of online research, and we picked out two we wanted to meet with. We had two meetings scheduled, but after meeting with the first photographer, we knew she was it. 

    You can meet with however many you want. Photography is a big investment and a major keepsake. 
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