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Hi all - I originally had not planned on having a videographer to save some money, but have heard MANY brides tell me that they regret not having the event on film.  Any suggestions or pros and cons?  I am worried about having a photographer AND videographer, because of all of the interruptions that they can cause, but don't want to regret not having a videographer.  What is an average price?  And has anyone heard of or used Wedit?

Re: Videographer?

  • I thought the same thing as you, but hired a videographer, and I am SOOOOOO glad I did. I cry every time I watch the video! Photos are wonderful, but there's something about seeing your friends and family walk/talk/etc. I HIGHLY recommend video!
  • If you find the right videographer with a good personality, they will work seamlessly with the photographer (providing your photographer has a great personality too!). You can find a broad range in prices, but I would say to spend no less than $2,000 for 8 hours of coverage. And that is a low ball figure. I would suggest watching as many trailers as you can to get a feel for the work they provide and also ask to see a full edit once you have found a couple companies that you love their work.

    Photo and video capture memories in two completely different ways. You won't regret having video, so long as you hire someone that produces quality work!
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