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Wedding shower- none of my family can make it :(

I do not know much about my shower, my BM's are hosting it as a surprise. I do know the invites went out though because I noticed some people bought a few things from my reg., I spoke to my mother the other day who just wanted to warn me that a lot of my family will not be making it to the shower. That it would most likely only be my mom and gram. I do not have a large family myself we only invited about 15 on my side to the shower. AND a lot of them do not live super close but within a 1-2hr drive. Thankfully my soon to be's family is very large so at least some people will be there. I dont know why I am sorta sad, I guess I am sorta invisioning the type of showers I have attended with a lot of people having a great time. I know I should be happy I am getting one at all, I just wish more of my fam would come.
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Re: Wedding shower- none of my family can make it :(

  • Don't get too down about it. Maybe your family can host one for just your family and close relatives as another option. My fiance's family/friends is most of our wedding and since we plan on having a co-ed shower I know that it will be mostly men. I would love a bunch of women but you work with what you have and I know most of my family will not attend, the shower or the wedding. But if they are their in thought that's what counts. 
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    hey, I'm in the same boat. I actually didnt want people to have to drive 3 hours and have more expense on hotels either since guests will have to do it for the wedding. Have a separate shower. Maybe a local friend can help spread the word and your cousins can help throw something together. Your family may not know how you feel and may even feel alienated that its not more convenient for them.

    My friends back home (which includes most of my BMs) are glad I'm going 'home' to party up with them; my fiance's fam and coworkers will probably be celebrating with my local to where I am now.
    I know it would have been nice to have everyone together, but cheer up- you have a lot of celebrating to do- and it's all for YOU!
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