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Under-Age Bachelorette Party Ideas?

I'm helping to plan a bachelorette party, but am limited on ideas because there are 3 bridesmaids that are under 21 and I just found out that I'm pregnant. I want to steer away from hosting a party at my house, unless it is simple. Anyone have any suggestions on what we could do other than a spa day? THANK YOU!!!

Re: Under-Age Bachelorette Party Ideas?

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    Miniature golf?  Rent a room at a hotel and have a pool party?   Those would appeal to me if it were a non-alcoholic event.
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  • ShakeUpTampaShakeUpTampa member
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    Originally we were thinking hotel and beach day with live band dinner (my sister will be 17) but now we are considering a place like Mugs and Jugs (karaoke, live band, food, and drinks)...it's up in the air but we have time to think. If you can swing the hotel pool party, I like that idea! Too bad in FL it's too cold in Jan/Feb haha (water wise)
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  • LoveMuffinsLoveMuffins member
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    Nice dinner in a restaurant followed by karaoke or a movie or laser tagging (unless you're heavily pregnant at the time, in which case a lot of movement might be a little much). You could make a day trip of it - museums, spas, etc.

    One of my favorite things to do is have a "girls night out" where we get SUPER dressed up (gives us a reason to break out our old prom dresses!) got to a nice dinner and then to see a theater show. Usually something at one of the classier theaters that people used to dress up to go to. Granted, most don't anymore, but everytime my friends and i do this we always hear jealous women going "Why didn't WE do that?!" It's a lot of fun, you feel good, and if people want to drink at the restaurant / theater they can, but the underagers don't have to be left out!

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    One of my BMs is under age.  We're staying at a hotel and spending the day at the hotel pool.  In the evening we're going to a wine bar.  The winebar has non-alcoholic ciders so the BM said she'll still feel like she's being lincluded.
  • MAMA41206MAMA41206 member
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    I think a slumber party would be fun.  If another one of the BMs could host (if it's too much for your house).  You could order take out, watch movies, play games.  Those of you who are old enough can still drink.  Maybe everyone can bring some sort of pajama, underwear, lingerie type gift for the Bride to go with the PJ theme.
  • ElleB87ElleB87 member
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    What about doing something at a local spa?  Like pedicures and manicures togethers. 
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    Thanks girls! I took the suggestion you made about the pool party, and came up with a beach party idea! We're going to a local beach/park! I'm going to arrange it so we can hang out on the beach, swim, have a picnic, play volleyball, go for a bike ride and play a few games that I need to start thinking of! Lol! Then later on, we are going out for dinner then having a BIG party with the guys at my parent's house. 

    So if anyone has any suggestions now on cute little games we can play on or around the beach, that would be great! Thanks again!!!
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    * A tea party with croquet and cute sandwiches and pastries
    * Dave and Busters (or similar place with arcade games, drinks and food)
    * bowling
    * karaoke
    * a day at the beach
    * canoing, tubing or kayaking on a river nearby (tubing might be best since you're preggers- congrats, btw!)
    * girls' night in (board games, chick flicks, junk food) if someone else will have it at their place, or you could do it in a hotel room.
    * putt-putt golf
    * you could go to one of those paint your own pottery places, or some colleges or craft centers have classes to make jewelry, aprons, etch glass, etc.
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