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Bride planning her own bachelorette party?

A little dilemma I've stumbled across..

I'm the bride and I was considering planing my own bachelorette party.

My MOH/sister lives 500 miles away so the only thing she can really do is create the event on facebook,another BM lives 800 miles away so I don't expect her to do anything since she really can't,and my other 2 BMs don't like each other and haven't spoken to one another in a year.

I asked my sister if I should just go ahead and plan my own bachelorette party and tell her what to write on the facebook event and she said yes.I have no problem doing that but I really wanted my 2 local bridesmaids to get together and talk about what to do for the bachelorette party but I'm afraid if I don't say anything,nothing would happen.

I would really love some type of "last night out" event before I move and get married so I would be too afraid to not say anything and nothing happen.

Should I just plan my own bachelorette party,say something to the 2 local BMs about talking with one another to plan something,or not say anything at all and hope they get together and plan something?

I know a bachelorette party isn't a "given" with any bride,but it is one thing I've really wanted.


Re: Bride planning her own bachelorette party?

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    Don't tell anyone to plan anything.  If they want to plan something they will; if they don't, they won't.

    If you want to have a girls' night, go ahead and plan that out.  But don't call it a bach party.
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    You can't plan your own bachelorette party because it's often expected (not that you should expect that) that everyone chips in for the bride, so they might feel obligated to. IF they can afford it and have the time, they'll plan something in their budget.

    However, I don't see anything wrong with getting your friends together to go out together if they're already in town for the wedding or something.
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    I think if I were in your situation I would let it go. I mean, a bach party where two people would have to travel 500+ miles to be there and another two don't like each other all thrown by the bride to be sounds selfish.

    If you want a party, host a girls night out, but don't call it a bach party. Also, it might be assumed that since you are hosting you are paying. Beware of that.

    Seriously though, why don't you just call a few local friends and see if they want to do dinner and drinks some Saturday night?

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    Yeah thats a good idea.

    Just a side note-never said I expected the out of towners for travel in for the party. What I said was that since they are so far away,I don't expect them to be able to plan much,besides my MOH making the event on facebook.

    And ditto on being expected to pay for it-I already have a hotel room booked by one of my BMs and she expects my dad to pay for everything. Money is such an awkward issue!

    Thanks for the advice girls...I appreciate it!
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