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I posted the other day about questions for a bachelorette party and got a good response. I am a BM in a wedding, pregnant and not attending the bachelorette party since it will be an all night drinking affair.  The bride knows and is fine with it. I am going to send some lingerie for the bride (we were asked to bring this on the invitation), but the more I think about it the more I think I should contribute some money too.  The other two bridesmaids live near each other and are close and planned the party, I am not close to them, but I still want to help out with the cost.  It will be a low key event, starting at a friends house for food and drinks (they are asking everyone to bring a food contribution) then off to some clubs for a night of drinking.
I was thinking about sending $50.00 to the MOH. 
Do you think that is a good amount?  I don't want to put the other two bridesmaids out just because I cannot attend. Thanks!!

Re: Paying for Bachelorette Party

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    I think it is very nice of you to offer, although I don't think it's necessary. If I were MOH, and a bridesmaid couldn't attend, but already bought a gift, I wouldn't think of asking her to contribute. Then if she offered, I would probably decline since it's not like she is oging to be there to drink or eat or enjoy the decorations. You can offer maybe to send a cake or something? Depending how close you are? Maybe you could even call a local baker near the party house, and have some cupcakes delivered with a little message saying sorry you couldn't be there but hope they have a great time?  

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