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Surprise Shower follow-up...

So this past weekend, my fiance and I went to his parent's cabin for a family reunion and all the ladies on that side of the family threw me a surprise shower! It was wonderful and we all had a lot of fun. I just have a few questions...

1. How do I go about returning the love and getting a gift for the hostess when it's unclear to me who hosted it? It was FMIL's house, and FI's aunt and great aunt kept saying the other woman did all the work and set everything up. Do I get them all gifts? Since it seems that several ladies kind of co-hosted, is it necessary to do hostess gifts?

2. Thank you notes are appropriate here, right? What is the timeframe on when I should get these out?

I think that covers most of my confusion... TIA!

Re: Surprise Shower follow-up...

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    No, thank you gifts are not required for the shower hosts. Mention in the notes for the gifts, that you appreciated the efforts that went into throwing the surprise shower for you. Those notes should go out, asap, while it's still fresh in your mind. It's much easier to write those notes, while the shower is still fresh in your mind, but 2 weeks would be an acceptable time frame.

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