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2 Bridal Showers, Who gets invited?!

My sister/MOH is throwing me a shower and so is my MIL.  My quandry is that they both need guest lists and I really don't know who I should invite to both.  I was planning on inviting my close friends, family, BM's and MIL to my sister's shower and then just BM's, my mom, and grandmother to MIL's shower.  Is that a normal split?  Or should I be inviting the same women to both showers?  It seems excessive to me for the same guest list to be invited to both showers... Help! 

Thank you!!

Re: 2 Bridal Showers, Who gets invited?!

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    Don't invite the same people to multiple showers, except bridesmaids, moms, and sisters.

    You can decline showers, if you don't want to have more than one.

    In your situation, I'd either combine the showers, or maybe have MIL's shower include the ladies from your FI's family, if you're close enough to them that they would want to come?  Maybe talk to your MIL about who she thinks she would want to invite?
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    Well for my MIL's shower she's inviting all of her female relatives and friends to that one, so I just need to know who of my friends and family should be invited.  I'm thinking just mom, grandmother, sister, and bridesmaids.

    Then for my sister's shower, all of my female relatives and friends as well as bridesmaids.

    My question is, is it rude to just invite my MIL to my sister's shower and not any of her family?  Should I be inviting grandmother's too? 
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    I believe moms and sisters are the requirement for etiquette purposes; bridesmaids can be invited to multiple showers as well.  I'm not sure about grandmothers; I'd say no unless you're particularly close, or ask your mom and FMIL if they think they should be invited to both.
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