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How would you feel?

My wedding is on the formal side, and I'm already well over budget. I had not thought about the RD until recently, and am trying to figure how to make this affordable. The wedding is in February, so anything outside is out. I was thinking possibly pizza and beer. I know that people say the formality of the RD doesn't have to match the wedding, but how would you feel as a guest? Would you view this as tacky? Does anyone have another suggestion? There will also be a handful of small children, so I thought this might cater to them better too, minus the beer ;)
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Re: How would you feel?

  • I think it would be fine. Another way to go is if you have a place to hold it (parents house, your house somewhere for free) is to bring in a caterer and do a heavy app menu for more of a "cocktail" party feel. It gives people a chance to just mingle and enjoy. Either that or Italian family style dinner. Regardless of the formality of the wedding day this will have a great intimate feel for everyone like a family dinner, after all isn't that really what the bridal party is? Family either by blood or choice. 
  • I think it's totally fine.  Host whatever you can afford.  Our wedding is on the formal side also, and I definitely didn't want another big sit down dinner the night before the wedding, so we're doing pizza also, at a local place near the rehearsal location.  Salads, pizza, wine and beer, and bringing our own dessert.  I'm looking forward to it, I wanted something more low key.  
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    I love pizza and beer  and would enjoy your relaxed, casual RD.

  • My sister had deli trays & the fixings to go with it and some cookies & brownies. It was fine. I went for a more full dinner, but we had several out of town guests and due to the location of the church to anyone's homes, it was easier to go to a local resturant then to go back to someone's home for something simplier.
  • We thought we were going to do a whole seated dinner at a restaurant for the RD, but attended a friend's wedding earlier this month and really enjoyed their laidback RD! It was pizza, snacks and beer at the hotel we were all staying in. We used their breakfast room so there was plenty of space. Everyone got to mingle and just relax that night. No driving involved. Pretty sure FI and I are going to use this idea for our RD in April - maybe do sandwiches and sides or something.

    If you're already over budget for the main day, I would rein in the RD spending. Plus you'll have fun no matter what you do! No need to stress over that day, too :)
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    Technically, you do not need a RD.  We didn't want a fancy one and looking back on it, probably could have gone without one altogether.  But we opted for an extremely casual backyard BBQ.  We brought the food ourselves and just sat around enjoying the day with our BP and parents.  Personally, I love pizza and I love beer.  Throw some good company in there and you've got yourself a party.  Do whatever works best for you and your FI.  
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    We went to Pizza Hut for ours, and nobody had any complaints. 
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  • Pizza and beer would be fine.

    I am actually having a pizza and beer themed wedding shower thrown for me. I cant wait.

  • In Response to Re:How would you feel?:[QUOTE]Pizza and beer would be fine. I am actually having a pizza and beer themed wedding shower thrown for me. I cant wait. Posted by RailWayWife[/QUOTE]
    I know I'm really late on this thread, but that sounds like the greatest showered ever! I'm jealous and I hope you enjoy the shower!

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  • Instead of a rehearsal dinner, we are having an open house with snacks at our house the day (Saturday afternoon) before the wedding, which is on Sunday. Then I'm planning to have the wedding party and our immediate families stay afterwards for a pizza dinner/very quick rehearsal. Most of our guests are from out of town, and hosting a dinner for them would have been like having another reception, so we just can't do it.
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