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Good Morning Ladies,My MOH is helping my Mom throw my bridal shower and one of the games that she would like to do is Bridal Shower Bingo while I am opening gifts.  But she is having a hard time finding a good website to print the bingo cards off of.  Do any of you ladies have any suggestions of websites that you or someone you know have used and liked that I could pass along to her?Thank you for all your help!:-)

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    In powerpoint the Letters are not BINGO they are BRIDE You make the squares ( 5 down 5 across)emply except the middle one you either put their monogram or wedding bells or a picture of teh couple in teh middle that is the free square. Print them out Hand everyone one paper. they fill in the first row then hand it to the right. Then fill in the 2nd row and it to the right fill in 3rd row hand it across the crowd fill in 4th row hand it to the left last person fills in 5th row and holds onto it rules for filling in you can add any slightly pausable item that is already not on another square Every time the bride opens a gift if you have the gift on your card you mark it . First to get BRIDE wins . In certain crowds 2nd 3rd ect win too
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    At the showers I've been to it's much less complicated than ff's suggestions (which are good.)Anyway:  just make a grid of 5 squares by 5 squares.  In the middle write FREE or LOVE or whatever you want.Each guest gets a blank grid and fills in gifts they think the bride will get at the shower.As the bride opens, they X out the corresponding square if it matches.First person to get 5 in a row, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally wins.
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