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PG-13 Bachelorette Party Ideas, Please

I'm the maid of honor in my sister's upcoming wedding.  I'm trying to find ideas for her bachelorette party but can only find "naughty" ideas.  My sister would like to include her fiance's younger sister (age 15) in the festivities.  Does anyone have good ideas that aren't too risque? games? themes? things to do/places to go?

Re: PG-13 Bachelorette Party Ideas, Please

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    You could go to a spa followed by brunch or lunch.
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    Spa days are great.  So are movie nights/slumber parties or dinners that aren't at bars.As long as it's not overly sexual and/or at a place that she can't legally go to, it can be a ton of fun.At one bachelorette, we had a belly dancer give us lessons.  It was just a fun thing to do in our sweats.  The woman was NOT scantily clad at all.
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    My DIL had a "make your own designer handbag" b-party.  A handbag place sort of near us offers a "party" where you can choose your own fabric and style bag.  They help you cut it out and sew it (under supervision of people who know what they're doing!) and then the experts do the finishing work.  They had wine, soft drinks, and appetizers as well.  After all the girls had finished their bags they went out lunch.  They all loved it!My DD had her b-party at Medieval Times followed by fun at Dave and Buster's.  They all had a ball.Think outside of bar-hopping/"naughty".  There are plenty of options:  concerts, stage shows, sporting events, dance lessons, cooking lessons, spa parties, and more.What things does your bride enjoy doing?  Go from there.
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    Some bachlorette things I have attended that are 15 year old fine 1. dinner and comedy club 2. belly dance lessons and tapas ( sangria for the over 21) 3. A day out sailing 4. red sox game 5. a slumber party with cheesy 1980's slumber party movies and popcorn and ice cream just like we were 10 again ( complete with trying to do the group dance of dirty dancing ) What would your sister find a great fun time that does not require strippers or getting drunk?
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    A nice dinner out somewhere or an afternoon at the spa, or both.  A night in with board games or scary movies or both. We went to dinner at The Melting Pot for mine, which is an upscale fondue restaurant.  It's different and fun and you can take your time and enjoy it.
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