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+1 at an Engagement Party?

Some good friend of ours have offered to host an Engagement Party for us this summer. We are only planning on inviting the wedding party, close family, and a couple of very close friends. At the moment we are looking at less than 40 people.

We decided that the overall purpose of the party was for our families to meet each other, and our wedding parties to become better acquainted.

The problem is I don't feel this should be the kind of event with a '+1', but my FI insists on letting everyone have a +1.

With the exception of 2 people in our wedding party who are currently in long term relationships and live with their significant others, I don't want to invite people to bring a date. I want this to be a more intimate affair and give our families a chance to get to know each other. I feel adding  12-20 people that I don't know, would make it too crowded.

Am I in the wrong for not wanting to invite +1's?

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Re: +1 at an Engagement Party?

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