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Calmer bachlorette party ideas

My sil is my moh fi's sisters are the other two bms. None of them really drink or are wild and crazy and my sil is pregnant. I don't want her stressing over what to do for the bachlorette party and she just emailed me if I have any suggestions. I know she wants to put together something so I'm trying to make it as easy on her as possible. We are all on a pretty tight budget too.
Any suggestions or things that you did that were fun but not rowdy?

Re: Calmer bachlorette party ideas

  • pkontkpkontk member
    Bowling?  Maybe a nice dinner somewhere?  Or a spa day?  Ask her what sort of budget she had in mind as well, but those are all tamer ideas.
  • SRRL18SRRL18 member
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  • -Brunch!
    -Botanical Garden with Brunch before/afterward
    -Elegant tea at a hotel
    -A Broadway show (there are Broadway in X City productions all over the country, or just good regional theaters)
    -mani/pedis are always a winner, as are massages
    -Are you guys outdoorsy?  Maybe a hike with a delicious picnic somewhere scenic?
    -Weekend Bed & Breakfast somewhere adorable
    -Cooking class/Cake-decorating lesson
    -Zumba class or something active with massages afterward
    -Horseback riding tour (where the horses go, like, super slow)
    -You can go on wine country tours and drink grape juice. It is cheap, sober fun and you can take a nice drive

    These are obviously widely-ranging in price, so you can add or subtract all sorts of elements for something more "You guys".  Good luck!
  • mia888mia888 member
    i'm planning for my wedding too and I have these options for a bachelorette party:

    - day spa with the girls or some total makeover (from facials to manicure/pedicure, everyone would surely love some pampering to look their best during the wedding)
    - camping or a simple bonfire especially if you are having a beach wedding or you are near the beach or soem open space
    - something sporty if you or your friends are one, but considering that your SIL is pregnant, you can go for an Arts and Crafts theme however or a garden tea party.
    - Bollywood themed bridal shower where we can learn a few Bollywood dance moves.

    have a great bachelorette party!

  • EC88EC88 member
    One of my bridesmaids isn't 21 yet, so we were talking about what we could do that didn't involve going to a bar. Although it's a long way off we were thinking karaoke (some places have private rooms and so they aren't actually bars) or a spa day. However, I love the idea of a throwback sleepover. 
  • You could do a scent party. The company brings all the stuff to make your own perfume. Or do a game night with fun girly games from when you were younger like pretty pretty princess or girl talk. Or maybe a movie marathon of classics like Breakfast at Tiffany's and Sixteen Candles or just lots of chick flicks. 

    If you have an interest in baking or cooking or crafting, maybe have someone come in to do a class on one of those things. 
  • I've only ever been to one which was for FSIL last year.

    MOH was pregnant & some bridesmaids were under 18.

    All they did was have a dinner and cupcakes (and oreo balls) at the house (decorated in FSIL's favorite colors). Everyone pitched in a couple of dollars to cover her dinner (which was ordered as take out from her favorite restaruant) and just played dumb games, goofed around, took silly pictures, chatted, etc.

    Basically the theme was her favorite things.

    It was fun, relaxing, and inexpensive.
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