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Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

I am MOH along with the bride's sister (yep, 2 MOHs).  We're trying to decide what theme we should have for the bride's shower.  Any suggestions?

Re: Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

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    Why do you need a theme?  My bridal shower did not have any particular theme, and it was nice.  We ate, socialized, did a crossword puzzle that my aunt made, and I opened presents. 

    If you really want a theme, what does the bride enjoy (cooking, traveling, sports, a particular place, etc.)?  I would discourage you from asking guests to bring gifts consistent with the theme--it's not polite to tell people what gifts to buy. 
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    Try to do something that's appropriate to the bride. My best friend is throwing mine and she came up with an adorable theme but it's not over the top, it's just the theme for food and favors and invitations.

    FI and I LOVE Life is Good and she designed us a Life is Good-esque logo of ourselves as Jake and Jane from Life is Good along with the life is good font saying "Brea and Steve are getting Maui'd" and at the bottom, Life is good. The rest of the theme is beachy. So we're having margaritas for the alcoholic drink, lemonade for the non alcoholic drink along with water and sodas of course. Meals will also be around the tropical theme. Favors for the shower will have the logo she designed printed on them, and prizes for the two games will be from life is good.

    It couldn't be more perfect for us, but it's not going to be overwhelming either.
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    I agree with Jessica. Why can't the theme of the bridal shower be a bridal shower?

    If you do insist of having a theme, keep it to the food, decor, and favors. It is rude to tell people what to buy and I would find it incredibly boring to only get gifts related to one thing such as the kitchen or whatever theme you chose for gifts.
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    My shower is at a tea room and we're encouraging people to wear their favorite hat.  I'm getting a huge, royal wedding inspired hat!  Instead of playing a shower game my aunt is giving a prize for the most creative hat.  She put that on the invite so people know they can get creative, use things they already have at home, or go all out. 
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    The only themed shower I ever went to was a Share your favorite recipe theme, in turn a lot of people gave the bride kitchen items and whatever DISH they cooked, left the tray/bowl etc for her as well with the written recipe of what was served. So it was almost a pot luck of the sorts but she was gifted the utensils to bake/cook it as well. It was nice because she was an older bride who lived at home with her mother and the last in her family to marry. I just couldn't imagine in this day and age saying to bring a certain type of thing off the registry.

    Another theme I saw once was time of day, each rsvp was given a time of day to buy a gift to use at that time...could get weird.
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    Thanks girls who posted!  We decided on an Old Hollywood theme.  Her colors are pink and black and we're going to have jazz music playing, chocolate oscar statues, and food from that time period too.  You're right, too many props make it look cheesy. 
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