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Bridal Shower Charm Bracelet

HI! I'm a maid of honor and I have been trying to come up with a unique "collective/collaborative" gift that each of the guests can contribute to as a surprise for the bride. 

There are the the usual recipe and advice cards.  I've also read about stocking a bar or tool kit.

What are your thoughts, positive or negative, on this idea:
Having each guest (its a small 15 person shower) bring a charm that they feel reflects their bond with the Bride.  Along with it, a special story as to why they chose it, perhaps a memory or advice they have.  Family could pass down special pendants or charms.  Then at the end each will surprise the bride.  Later on, they will be added to a bracelet.

Re: Bridal Shower Charm Bracelet

  • Does the bride wear or appreciate charm bracelents?  Is this something the guests already collect for themselves?  How would you determine which type of bracelet this could be (Pandora, Italian, etc.)? 

    In general, I don't think it's a good idea to request that a certain type of gift be purchased. I'm not a fan of kitchen showers, or those time of day or letter of the alphabet themes that restrict gift giving.  It might be better to ask the other members of the bridal party, and maybe moms or siblings, if they would like to contribute to something and let other guests shop without limits or restrictions, as could happen if a guest wants to spend $50 on a gift, but feels she must dedicate $25 to a charm.

    FWIW, I think asking guests to bring a recipe or a piece or relationship advice is different - this is more a time investment than monetary and can lead to great conversation about why certain things were shared.

  • You should not dictate what guests should bring the bride.
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  • Ditto PPs. I would hate to have my gift dictated by the hostess of the shower. Even if the bride likes charm bracelets, if I want to give her that, I will. But if I wish to give her something else, I'd like to be able to buy her what I want.

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    Even if it weren't impolite to ask of guests, some people would go get a $1 charm from Hobby Lobby and some would go get a nice charm from a jewelry store, so the bracelet would look like crap when it's done anyways.
  • Thanks everyone! This is great input!

    Does anyone have any other ideas along the lines of recipes or advice?
  • I think the recipe thing is fairly usual, so that would be fine.  If that's the route you go, include a recipe card in the invites and make sure people know what to do with it. 

    If you want more of a keepsake for the bride, just have a small photo album to put shower photos in later.  You can get photos of her with her favorite people and give it to her after it's all put together.  We're doing this for my cousin's baby shower next week - she already had the baby, so we'll be taking lots of photos of her, baby and everyone to put in the album/scrapbook.  
  • Thanks, but I'm looking for unique and unusual, not usual.  Laughing
  • I think the charm bracelet idea is really sweet... I love charm bracelets and I love my pandora..

    HOWEVER - - in this case.... I agree that it shouldn't be dictated what type of gift to bring the bride... that should be up to the guest..

    If you want to do a charm bracelet maybe do it between family or people who are interested in this...

    or if its a "theme" type of thing I like the recipes idea above or something else creative cute and fun.
  • You could always theme the shower around the couples interests. Ex...for a friend of mine we are hosting a shower with a wine theme and suggesting guests bring a bottle of wine for the couple to share. It is not mandatory, and many guests have told us they plan on bringing a bottle, as well as selecting something from the registry. Everyone coming knows the couple and knows they enjoy wine. There are no restrictions on price, type of wine, etc., so we expect a variety. Some will be enjoyed on a random Tuesday, while others will be saved for special occasions. It may not be something every bride would enjoy, but it is tailored to the couple's specific tastes and interests. FWIW.....people will bring whatever gift they want, and they may not pay any attention to any extra thing suggested, wheather it be to bring a recipe, advice, wine, etc. Hope this helps!
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