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Copied from my month board, just to get more opinions.

UGH I hate games.  I mean, no, that's not true- I adore board games in my living room with friends, but I really don't like shower games and the like.  But I'm planning my cousin's bachelorette party (have posted about it before, I know, lol) and I want to make it more memorable than just a night on the town. She's mentioned that she likes games. I've heard of scavenger hunt games, but the lists I keep finding online are screaming lame-o at me.

The party is slightly Sex and the City themed.  Not too crazy themed, but I got her a Carrie necklace (well, her name, not Carrie) and having her FI come pick her up at the end of the night in a chauffeured car a la Mr. Big, plus a couple other little minor touches.

God, I can't keep anything succinct on here.  Basically I'm asking for scavenger hunt ideas that would fit in with the theme, or just a girl's night out theme.  Anything helps!

For reference, this is the kind of list I'm talking about:

But some of those items are just stupid.  Actually, a LOT of them are.  Thanks ladies, hope you can help!

ETA: Nothing raunchy.  Those are cheesy and distasteful to me.
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Re: XP Bach Party Hunt

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    I have only been to one bachelorette party where we played games and it wasn't a scavenger hunt, but they weren't extremely cheesy either- at least not for our crowd, it was actually pretty funny. One of the games was that we all had to wear necklaces with a picture of the groom-to-be on it. When I say necklaces I mean a picture printed on regular printer paper and tied with ribbon. Anytime we said OUR boyfriend, FI, or DH's names or anything related to them and were caught, the person who caught us would have us hand over our necklace and whoever had the most necklaces by the end of the night was the winner. And anytime you catch someone, you automatically get all the necklaces they have on. It came down to 2 girls who both had like 6 necklaces a piece on and you can imagine peoples' reactions when we went out. We even ran into some people who claimed to know the groom-to-be.
    Another was a game to see how well the bride knew the groom. She was asked questions like, "what would he say is his favorite thing about you" and other questions like that. If she got it wrong, she had to put a piece of gum in her mouth.
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    I went to a b-party with a scavenger hunt, they had all things pertaining to the couple. His fav make / model of truck, her fav store, his work place, her childhood school, etc. i know it wouldnt necessary work if you are in the city and dont want to do a bunch of running around.

    sex and the city related things i would say would be the makeings for martinis, fashion related things, and for the samantha crowd sexy things! sounds like super fun, make sure everyones knows its a night out in New York and to dress accordingly!
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