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Hostess gifts for shower

I am having a hard time thinking of gifts for my hostesses for my bridal shower in a few weeks.  I want it something that every girl could use and pratical.  Not to expensive but not cheap either.  Please help with any ideas!?  Thank you so much!!

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    I got my shower hostesses cute notebooks from the gifty section of barnes and noble, and then matching pens to go with them.  They're really cute and anyone can use a cute notebook and pen.  Total it was like ten bucks each. I think the notebook was about 8 and the pen was 2.

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    Well I thought it would be nice to purchase a necklace and earrings for the ldies in my wedding, because some of the ladies in my wedding like to wear too many accessories; and then I have some who don't where any at all. So my gift to them would be a nice necklace set that ranges from $5-10 for a set for each of them. I actually was in a wedding in 2008 and I took some ideas from the bride and she told me of a beauty supply store in my home town that sold the necklace and earring sets and I have had it since then in my jewelry box and it has faded some but wore it last year to a cocktail party, and I simply cleaned it with sterling silver cleaner, and it returned to its original look. I hope this was helpful for you, wishn for you the best... And Congrats on ur "BIG" day!!!
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    I gave my shower hostesses a handwritten thank you card and shower gel, loofah, and bath candles from Bath & Body Works. I thanked them for my wonderful shower and hoped that now they can enjoy theirs.
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    SuMmErKuTiE, that is such a cute idea!  I had my shower on Sunday and wanted to get the hostesses a little thank you gift to go along with their hand written thank you card, but I didn't know what to get.  Perfect idea!
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    For my aunt who's throwing mine I bought a hand soap/lotion set that comes in a caddy with paper guest towels in a basket. It was all on sale at World Market and shrink wrapped it with a bag from Dollartree and added a ribbon.

    For the aunt who's loaning her barn for the rehearsal dinner I did a basket with wine, pasta, sauce and jar of bruschetta topping, also from World Market.

    I have become obsessed with World Market and shrink wrap bags!
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