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I want to do something with my bridesmaids and other close females the day before the wedding.  I am planning on doing a bridal luncheon, but am having a hard time thinking of something to do before-hand.  Everyone has the day off, so I would really like to make the most of the day.  I would make appointments to have our nails done, but my mom is a nail tech and will have my nails done already, so I'd feel weird making appointments for everyone else and just sitting there watching them get their nails done.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Day-Before Wedding Activities

  • Are you wanting to do something that you plan on hosting (ie paying for?) I was going to suggest going to a spa to get massages or something, but that would get pricey.

    Is there a movie that would be out that you'd all be interested in seeing? You could go to a matinee. If your city has/is near a winery, you could go there and do a wine tasting, which is usually pretty cheap.

    That's all I've got for now.

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  • I was planning on hosting a luncheon but not sure when to have it.  The day before will be hectic with me getting my nails done, etc... then getting ready for the rehearsal and RD.  The day of, we will have brunch but we'll all be getting ready.  If you want to host a get together, I would do something simple like take them all to lunch somewhere and just hang and have girl talk.  it'll be relaxing and stressfree... does not have to be fancy or need a lot of planning or expense.
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    Thanks for the ideas!  I checked into an orchard that does wine tasting in the area and I think we're going to get together and chill there before rehearsal!
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