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Need Shower Prize/Favor help, please

I am throwing a shower for my sister next weekend, the theme is "Spice it Up" but is open to interpretation meaning bedroom or kitchen spice, etc.  This is going to be a very big shower (nearly 40 people!), so I've decided I don't want to do much for games.  It'll just take too long.  We're going to do a fun little game where we write the couple's wedding vows, "I promise to..." for him & her and read out loud.  But there is no winner for that, just fun.

So, since there won't be games, there isn't really a way to give out prizes.  Are prizes/favors necessary?  And, if so, what would you suggest for ways to give them out & to whom?


Re: Need Shower Prize/Favor help, please

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    I've been to a few showers without games where the guests filled out their own response envelope address and the bride chose 2 or 3 out of a basket and they got prizes.

    I don't think they are necessary though.
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    [QUOTE]No, this sort of thing is for children's parties.No one will miss it. Asking guests to fill out their own envelopes for the TY notes is horrid.
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    I'm not exactly a big fan of it either, but it will probably happen at mine just because it's what has been done at almost all of my other family showers for at least a few years now. So it's an accepted thing in my circle.
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    At my shower, my aunt got tea bags with "Jessica's bridal shower" on them and m&ms in little containers.  Some people consumed it all at the shower, others took them home.  Favors are definitely not necessary, and if you do them, I think edible is the way to go (or a soap or candle might also be nice, but definitely something consummable not a little toy/figurine/etc.).  We didn't have any giveaways. 

    As for the addressing your own thank you notes thing, we definitely did not have that, and I would have been embarassed if someone tried to do it (and would have asked them not to).  My aunt threw this lovely party and all these people came and brought me presents, it wasn't a big deal for me to write and address the notes. 

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    I don't think favors are necessary, but it would be a nice idea for the bride to draw maybe 3 names of people to receive prizes. It could be something small like a potted plant or a coffee mug. :)
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    Cute theme idea, by the way! :)
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