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Rehearsal Length?

I am at a loss--and since my fiancé is the first in his family to get married, his parents are at a loss too! How long should we plan for the actual rehearsal to go before we start the dinner portion? How long will/did yours last? What were the most important things to hit in that time frame?

Important note: we can't have the rehearsal at the ceremony site, so we are mimicking the outdoor theme by having it at a park. We plan on meeting in the morning to show the little ones (and big one too I guess!) where to enter and exit.

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Re: Rehearsal Length?

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    Ours will be one hour because that is all that the mission allows for each couple since they only hold rehearsals two days a week every hour on the hour.

    Since you won't be at your ceremony site you should have an outline of the ceremony and a list of what you'd like to accomplish.  If you don't have a planner or DOC assign someone to keep things moving.
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    There are a lot of variables here: how many people are in your wedding party, are there many children (children will definitely lengthen things), how experienced is your coordinator, how laid back are you going to be (i.e. are you a perfectionist or do you really just want to know where to stand?)..... I'm planning for an hour and a half. While there are only four attendants on each side with no children, two of the groomsmen are, uh, scattered. So we're counting on them being thirty minutes late. So really I guess we're planning on the actual rehearsal taking one hour. HTH!
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    One hour is the norm, I'd say.
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    Ditto pp. Our priest told us about 1 hr if everyone listens. But like pp's said, there could be other variables.
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    I've provided the ceremony music for numerous weddings.  They usually range anywhere from 30 minute quickes to 1.5 hours for the more in-depth ones. 

    Key things to hit on:

    seating of grandparents, important family members, etc
    seating of mothers & lighting of candles (not sure of names, but the separate ones, later used for the unity candle lighting)
    the precise order of the ceremony (prayers, songs/music/readings)
    movement of the couple (MOH adjusting the dress, train, taking bouquet etc)
    quickie version of the vows
    couple turning in to face each other, hold hands, etc
    lighting of the unity candle
    presentation of the couple

    I'm sure I'm fotgetting a few things, but  after working a 12 hour nite shift, this is what my tired brain could muster up. Hope it helps!!! :)
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