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Pre-Wedding Party with No Name

My future Mother-in-Law has kindly slimmed down her invite list since my side is so large and as a result she wants to throw an Engagement Party at home in Virginia for all her extended family and friends that aren't invited to the wedding in Tampa (Nov 2011). We are already having an Engagement Party thrown for us in Tampa in Feb by one of my family friends. The question here is that I don't know what kind of party this is. Is it okay to have 2 engagement parties? Or is this a shower? They say not to invite people to a shower that aren't invited to your wedding. Maybe this is a reception....but we are not married will take place 5 months before the wedding.

Help! I don't know what to call this party!

Re: Pre-Wedding Party with No Name

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    I don't think anyone should be invited to a pre-wedding event that isn't invited to the wedding. This includes showers and engagement parties.
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    Poor form.  If your FMIL is throwing you an e-party, then all those guests really should be on the wedding guest list as well.

    It can't be a shower and include people who are not going to be invited to the wedding.  And it can't be a "reception" if it's happening 5 months before your ceremony.

    Just tell your FMIL that you're uncomfortable having any wedding related function that would include people not invited to the ceremony. 

    If she'd like to have a BBQ and invite friends and family, you'll be there.  But if it's wedding related in any way, shape, or form you'll have to decline.

    Not everything between now and your wedding day has to be about the wedding.  It's fine to have a 4th of July picnic that is just an Independence Day get together, after all.
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    I would call it a really bad iead. You should absolutely not be having a party of any kind for people who aren't invited to your wedding. You need to explain how rude this is your FMIL and decline this party.

    If she wants to throw a party and have all her friends over, that's okay, but don't associate it with the wedding at all.
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    I agree with all the PP's. It is unfair to invite people to a party to celebrate the wedding when they won't even be invited to the wedding.

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    The bride's parents host the first Engagement party, to introduce the groom to the bride's extended family.

    The groom's parents host the second Engagement Party, to introduce the bride to the groom's extended family.

    Traditionally, there have always been two E-parties.  The E-Parties celebrate the engagement, and the welcoming of the new person to the family - like a family reunion or family enlargement party.  This is not exactly a Pre-Wedding Party or a Wedding Event, and the family members who are invited do not expect a wedding invitation because typically the wedding would be a smaller event just for the immediate family - not a family reunion of the entire extended family.

    In recent years, weddings have been super-sized with every single far-flung third cousin being invited and expected to travel great distances at great expense to attend.  But traditionally, weddings are for the immediate family and friends, and perhaps some other family members who live in the same town and participate in same-town events like basketball games, musical concerts, birthday parties, etc.
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