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Bachelorette party!!!

Hey ladies!  So i had a question about the Bach party but I think i need to give a little background story so you can fully understand. So moh and best friend since since forever  got engaged in July. In about Nov she asked me if she cared that she got married in Jan she knew it was close to my wedding which was April. I of course did not care but was really really worried that seh would not get it all planned and done  and i would not be able to throw her a shower and bach party. She changed her day a nd now its May 1st!  So we  talked and said we will have our own bridal shower but lets just do a joint bach party. We know all the same people grew up together and it was just better that way its one less thing to stress about. So we went and got dinner picked a day for her shower mine is already plannedand our bach party. My question is one is it ok they we are planning this together for ourselves? I mean we could just look at it and ssay im planning her half and she is planning mine? Do we need to send out invites or can we just tell people?  Sorry this is so long.

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