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I am just wondering if it is appropriate to wear white to your rehearsal dinner. A lot of people are telling me that the bride should wear white. I just thought that maybe white should only be worn on the wedding day. Opinions please! 

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    I have heard it's best to avoid white or ivory dress for rehearsal dinner. I would personally dress for the ocassion, simple outfit if it's a casual bbq, a dress if it's at restaurant or nice location.
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    I've never heard anyone say anything like that, if anything your pre-wedding parties are the time to wear white as the bride to be!

    I wore a white cotton dress to my bridal shower, a silver cocktail dress to my bachelorette, and a brown dress with a pink sash to our RD. I was looking for a white dress for the RD as well, but didn't really like anything I saw so I wore brown instead.

    Any color you choose to wear to any of your pre-wedding parties is up to you and I've never heard there be a color to stay away from.. too funny.
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    Oh sorry!!! I am the bride!! I meant me as the bride wear white to my RD. Sorry about that! 
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    Lol - I've never heard anything about it - if you want to wear white - wear white! I am wearing a black dress with sparkles!

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    I am wearing a turquoise dress.  Turquoise is the main color for my wedding, so I thought it would match my colors scheme if I wear that color for the RD.  Anyway, it's your day & your Rehearsal Dinner, wear whatever you want.  Your family & wedding party will thing you look beautiful no matter what! Don't forget to have FUN with it all!!!
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