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In law bridal shower

Question about bridal showers. I am from St. Louis but live in the Chicago area. My fiance is from the Chicago area. My sister is hosting a shower for my friends and family in St. Louis. 

My mother in law wants to host a shower in the Chicago area for her family only. She was very specific multiple times that she only wanted to host her family and friends, which I thought was slightly rude. I have friends in the Chicago area that I had hoped would be invited to the Chicago shower. 

Is it rude for me to ask if I can include my Chicago area friends? I assume that at least my mother and bridesmaids would be included?

Otherwise I will have to have a third shower for my friends only.

Re: In law bridal shower

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    My FMIL is doing one of these. She wants to include my mom but not my BMs, which is fine because I'm sure they would rather just go to one. Personally I am going along with it. It seems to mean a lot to her. However, I was ready to decline if she insisted on inviting non wedding guests. She brought this up a couple of times, but after about the third time I told her it made me uncomfortable she agreed not to. Actually, funny story there...when I told her she could add a couple of people to the wedding if she felt close friends were being excluded, she rattled off a couple of men! GL, I do agree though that you can't request your friends be added or throw a third shower. I do see no reason though that you couldn't organize a non WR girls' night while you are in Chicago. Sorry for wall of text, I'm mobile.
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