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Multiple Showers?

My sisters are my co-MOH and are planning to throw me a bridal shower. My fiancé and I live about 6 hours from my hometown, which is where they live and where that shower is going to be. My fiancés parents live only about 40 minutes from where we live and we’ve decided to have the wedding in his hometown (where his parents live). If his mom decides to throw me a shower, is that OK? I’m worried it would hurt my sisters feelings. Would his mom still be expected to come to the shower my MOH’s throw for me? Would my MOH be expected to come up for the shower my MIL throws for me? THANKS!!

Re: Multiple Showers?

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    It's totally okay.

    No one is EXPECTED to come to showers.  People can be invited - and you should invite moms and sisters, and maybe bridesmaids, to all showers.  But it's completely up to them if they choose to make the trip.

    I have two showers at home where I'm from (Massachusetts, divorced parents, a shower on both sides) and one where I live now, which is going to be mostly my FI's family.
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    It's okay to have two showers. Guests invited to a shower can decline if they wish. 
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